Thursday, August 6, 2009

The result of boredom Part 5

I must admit that I hesitated a bit to even put this up, but it was one of the original chapter so I didn't feel like I could leave it out. Have at it.

Chapter Five: Your Own Lack of Love Does Not Permit You to Meddle in the Lives of Those Who Have Already Found Love, Or Are At Least Closer to Having Found Love Than You

You may have noticed that the title for this particular chapter is rather lengthy. I assure you that this is no mistake. In fact, I would encourage you to read it over again many times so that you can learn of its truth. I sincerely hope that you can trust that it is true by just reading it. Oh how I wish that our dear friend Helga could have read of such a truth some time ago. Perhaps if she read something such as this she may not have made another idiotic error. However, it saddens the inner fibers of my being to say that because of the lack of such a document for Helga to have read, she did in fact meddle in the life of somebody that had already found love, or was at least closer to having found love than she was.

This story begins in a far off land where Helga and a few of her pals were on a semi-educational tour. I suppose that it would be important to mention that Helga began the semi-educational tour with only a few female pals, but as the tour progressed, because of the girls’ stunning beauty; they also became acquaintances with a few hotties that were also on the tour. One of these hotties stood out from the others, his name was Enrique. Enrique had a dazzling smile and a dashing personality. I suppose it isn’t too surprising that Helga began to crush on Enrique. Helga was thinking of confessing her feelings to her female pals, but discovered that she was a little too late. One day her female pal, Ariel, confided in the rest of them that she had begun to have feelings toward Enrique. Although it took Helga longer than expected, she let her feelings toward Enrique diminish into nothing, figuring that Ariel had more of chance with him anyway.
As the semi-educational tour moved onward Ariel’s feelings for Enrique grew. But it seemed that Ariel’s feelings were not the only ones growing. Helga and her two other female pals, Amy and Natasha, began to notice that Enrique seemed to show particular interest in Ariel. He was kind to all of them, but he looked at Ariel in a way that showed his obvious interest in her. Ariel at first didn’t believe this, but Helga, Amy, and Natasha constantly assured her that he had an obvious interest in her, so they were certain that at some point during the tour the two love birds would pair off.

I’m sad to say that as the semi-educational tour came to a close Ariel and Enrique were only friends, so I’m also sorry to report that Helga decided that this could not be the end result. She decided to take matters into her own hands.
Because they had such a wonderful time on the trip Helga couldn’t bear to not keep in touch with her new friends. Before the trip ended she decided to exchange e-mail addresses with Enrique. Of course Helga wrote him right away. In the e-mail she covered the basics such as “What’s up?” “I wish we were still in a far off land on our semi-educational tour”, and other usual e-mail topics. Sadly, the usual was just not enough for Helga. As was written before concerning Ariel and Enrique’s lack to pair off on the tour, Helga decided she must say something more to Enrique. After writing her brief e-mail and signing it, Sincerely Helga, she added a “p.s.” and I quote, “P.S. Ariel digs you,” end of quote. She then pressed ‘send’ and away the e-mail went. Helga just couldn’t help herself from meddling in others’ potential love lives.
In Helga’s defense, let me assure you her act of meddling was not an act of jealousy but of shear stupidity, she really meant no harm. Let me further assure you that no harm was caused, but that still didn’t excuse Helga’s behavior. As the title clearly states, her lack of love did not permit her to meddle in the lives of those who had already found love, or at least were closer to having found love than her, and such was the case with Ariel. Even if your love life is non-existent, let me promise you this one thing; you will avoid any sort of messy embarrassment if you just mind your own business as Helga should have.

P.S. I’m not really certain if Ariel was angry at Helga for meddling in her business, but to this day they are still friends. Also, if I were Helga (and I’m not) I would tell Ariel that I was deeply sorry for writing such a stupid thing in an e-mail to Enrique.

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  1. No worries, Ariel forgave Helga long ago. But, Helga's helpful words weren't so helpful since Enrique is now married to not Ariel and has a child