Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The result of boredom Part 7

I can't say that this chapter is the best as far as the quality of the writing, in fact, I feel like the writing needs a bit of work. However, this is yet again one of my favorite chapters because it gives me, um I mean it gives Helga some hope for her future.

But alas, there is a bit of bad news........for the time being, this is the last of Helga's story. There is one other chapter that I know of that needs to be written, but I'll just say that it will probably take me a while to write, because I don't know quite how to address this certain story just yet. But just to give you a bit of a teaser........Helga finally got a second date, and a third, and........hahaha, well if I go on it will all sound misleading. So for now, enjoy the temporary end of Helga's journey.

The Break, The Change: A Twist in Helga’s Tale?

Unless you are reading Helga’s tale from beginning to end (or the end as it is written so far), all in one sitting, you may have noticed that it has been a long time since there have been any additional chapters in the life of Helga. There may be many reasons for this, but we will explore only two of them. The first being that Helga took a long dating hiatus. Now this wasn’t necessarily her decision, but it appears to be beneficial, at least in this chapter. This leads us to the second reason, this “dating hiatus” gave Helga time to think, to grow and mature as far as dating is concerned. Now if she could just convince the “right” guy of this she might not be contributing additional chapters, but unfortunately her interactions with the opposite sex thus far have not been beneficial in the long-run. But if you will call your attention to the title of the chapter you may see that there is a possibility of change in the seemingly fruitless tale of Helga,, and thus our story begins.

Twas the evening of a Sunday in the middle of July. Helga, along with her flat mates, a British term meaning “One that is a friend or an individual that unavoidably lives in the same residence” were attending a weekly social function put on by their church. There came a point in the function where female volunteers were asked to assist the male associates in charge. Due to the peer pressure of the flat mates, and other surrounding associates, Helga halfheartedly volunteered. Much to her surprise, her volunteering haphazardly resulted in Helga “winning a date” with a boy named Marty. This was something that she had not done for quite some time, that is going on a date, not actually winning a date with a boy named Marty, which is something that she had never done in her life. The time and details leading up to the date are of no importance. It is the actual date….well the end of the date where you may see that Helga’s fate, to an extent is changing. Or at least she is no longer the party bringing the awkwardness to the dates anymore.

Helga and Marty were walking home with others from their church group that had also “won a date.” Up to this point the date had actually faired pretty well, aside from one wacky little conversation (brought about by Marty) concerning the flying speed of a certain irritating insect that likes to fly around poo, and other stinky substances, including malodorous humans. The other couples had split off, the boys were being chivalrous as they walked the girls home. Marty on the other hand, hadn’t quite figured out chivalry yet. He looked at Helga and said something lame such as “um so do you, um like want me to walk you home?” Helga could barely believe that lack of chivalry. Um yes, of course he should walk her home but he asked “do you want?" She thought she’d sound too eager and expectant if she said “yes” and she thought that she would sound plain ol’ rude if she said “no” so she stuck with the foolproof “sure.”

So, he walked her home and began a basic, “Thanks, that was fun…..” which would have been sufficient but, again he seemed to shows signs of having less dating experience than Helga, which I might add would be pretty difficult since Helga has a very miniscule amount of dating experience. He paused, and then asked, “Um do you, want me to give you a hug?”

“What?!?,” Helga thought, “Is he really asking me? He couldn’t simply give the hug.” So again, Helga was left with multiple choices of how to answer, and again she stuck with the foolproof “sure.” So they shared an odd hug, (which was likely more odd for Helga than for Marty) and off he went. This was thankfully the end of Helga’s interactions with Marty, and the end to her first male-led-awkward date.

Although Helga had been on yet another date that would not result in a second date, she was okay with that. In fact, she was overjoyed. Not necessarily because she didn’t care to see Marty ever again, but because she realized something had occurred on this date that had never occurred on any other date. She was no longer the giver of awkwardness, but for the first time ever, she was the receiver of the awkwardness. Could this be a twist that will change Helga’s luck with dating? Only time will tell.

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  1. hahaha! thanks for defining flat mates! haha you are for serious the best writer i know.