Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The result of boredom Part 6

As I have looked back through the chapters I decided that this is probably one of my favorites. The reason being that aside from a few name changes to protect the true identity of certain people in Helga's life, this story is pretty much the truest of all Helga's tales. It really did happen. The other reason that I have found that I like this story so much is that I believe it gives some explanation to the troubles in Helga's so called love or lack-0f-love life.
The only other thing that I wish to inform you about this chapter was that it was the only chapter that I didn't have a title for. I literally gave it a name .2 seconds ago, and I'm not entirely certain I like it. So please leave comments and/or suggestions regarding the title of this chapter. Well I'm off, I've got to go give Helga a pep talk on the proper ways to obtain a date.....haha who am I kidding?

Chapter Six: Helga’s Dumb Brother……I Mean Luck

If you have read the first five chapters of this book, you may be asking yourself how Helga ever got to be as ill-fated as she is. The truth of it all is that it can possibly be blamed on her brother, Nephi. Nephi can be described as a typical older brother being much elated to see any of his five sisters, Myrna, Bertha, Asia, Liola, or Helga be annoyed because of something he had done to them. His devious deeds towards his sisters were often for his pure entertainment, and in Helga’s case caused her to say stupid things to a beautiful boy all because of a nasty lie that Nephi had told her.
It all happened in one fifteen minute recess when Helga was in the third grade at the wee age of eight or so and Nephi was in fifth grade. The two siblings didn’t interact very often during school recesses, in fact they didn’t interact very much outside of school either, but for some uncanny reason Nephi approached Helga at recess that day. Helga wasn’t quite sure why her brother had any desire to acknowledge her as his sister that day, especially since he was with his friends. But she thought, “ah, what the heck? Maybe he’s going to be nice to me.” Poor Helga.
Nephi came to bring Helga the good tidings that Joel Silverton, only the best looking third grader in the whole school, maybe even the best looking third grader in the whole city, had an intense love for her. Although Helga had the grand desire to believe Nephi, she knew from past experiences that she needed to be wary about believing the words that had come from his lips. She was completely torn, because in all honesty who wouldn’t want to believe that the most ravishing third grader in the valley was in love with them? Nephi, sensed Helga’s uncertainty, thus he repeatedly insisted that what he had said was true. He even told Helga that Joel Silverton had been the one to tell him this. Although she fibbed, Helga finally told Nephi that she believed him. Nephi seemed satisfied so he finally left.
After hearing of the possibility of such a handsome young man showing interest in her, Helga couldn’t get back to her game of hopscotch. The possibility of such a crush in her behalf was far too distracting. She had to know if Nephi was in fact telling the truth and Joel was the only individual who could answer this question.
Helga’s mission for the remainder of recess was to find Joel and confront him on the issue. Though things have since changed, Helga was a brave individual back in her time. She scanned the playground a few times, until she spotted him playing a game of tag with his friends. He looked as alluring as ever. It didn’t matter to Helga that he was on the other side of the playground, she had important business to conduct and there was no limit to the amount of land between them that she wasn’t willing to yell across. YES, I did say yell. She yelled across the playground so loud that she could have gotten any individual’s attention within a one mile radius of the school.
She started the imperative conversation with Joel by shouting, “HEY JOEL, MY BROTHER SAID THAT YOU LOVE ME!!!!”
With a perplexed look on his face Joel yelled back, “WHAT?”
“MY BROTHER NEPHI SAID THAT YOU LOVE ME,” Helga repeated insistently.
Poor, poor Helga. Joel gave no response to her. To her sad dismay, he smirked at his friends and continued his game of tag. It was then that Helga began to feel sick as she realized the nasty trick that her brother had played on her. Little did Nephi know or suspect that Helga would confront Joel on the matter. He merely thought he was playing a harmless, yet clever prank on his kid sister. It’s heartbreaking for me to have to inform you as the reader that the humiliating result of Nephi’s prank was only the beginning of a long hard love life for Helga.
Because it is a complicated situation, it is hard to say if Nephi can be blamed for Helga’s ongoing misfortunes. Many boys that happen to be older brothers side with Nephi, reasoning that the aforementioned story provides evidence that suggests that this is the case, but I leave it up to you to decide.


  1. I like the title, but I think you should reconsider the name of Helga's brother. Remember, Nephi was a righteous prophet. Not saying Helga's brother isn't, but I'm just saying...

  2. poor poor helga... i do like the name of the chapter though! i think it's good