Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The result of boredom Part 2

Out of the six "chapters" written in the "book" this is the one that seems to have been overlooked in editing. As I was reading it, and changing things up I realized I should probably leave a bit of a disclaimer. When I wrote it, I didn't actually want to add details relating to an incident/kiss involved in the story. Reason one being that I didn't really want to write any details, and reason two being, I couldn't think of how to write about the details. This is just a story that is told much better in person. As I read this chapter, and began changing things, I realized that it sounds a lot more serious than it actually was. Let me assure you that it really wasn't that big of a deal, I just haven't figured out how to add the details (thus shedding more light on the whole incident) Someday I may try to add them, but it will probably be a while longer, until then this is the partially complete, partially edited Chapter 2. (SERIOUSLY, I NEED SOME HELP ON THIS ONE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE SUGGESTIONS)
Chapter two: The Officer’s Advice

You may remember the D.A.R.E. officer in fifth grade teaching you to say this when the "cool kids" offered you a joint or an alcoholic beverage, or for that matter, any other substance that may do your body harm, and/or is illegal in any form. I believe the exact wording may have been, "No matter what you think kids, it is okay to just say no." Now you may remember poor Helga from chapter One. We all hoped that she might learn to be smarter when it came to boys, but I have to tell you that she didn't. I wish I could extend the D.A.R.E officer’s advice for Helga, and let her know that even if it made her feel mean, it is still okay to “just say no”. So once again this short chapter will illustrate for you another of Helga’s mistakes, and how you can learn to avoid them by NOT following in her footsteps.

Once upon a time on a warm April day, Helga was daydreaming of what the "perfect" first kiss would be like. She was only one of two members left in what we'll call the "NO KISS CLUB" (I know you may think that this sounds like the most riveting club in the world, but when you’re only one of two members, as Helga was, you really would hope to get rid of your membership as soon as humanly possible.) Helga didn't like feeling left out, again, as most of her pals had ditched out of the club previous to this incident. She was determined that she would indeed get that first kiss.

In the years past she had always made some rules for herself about the occurrence of this first kiss, for example, first going on a few dates with the boy before ever locking lips with him. This rule then changed to at least having a crush on the boy, this rule then changed to at least finding this boy attractive, but as you will soon find out Helga ditched everyone one of those rules in the quest for her first kiss. Mind you I didn't write “perfect” first kiss, and that is due to the fact that in all the ditching of the rules, Helga managed also to ditch the idea of the "perfect" first kiss.

On a later warm April day a few days after the warm April day previously spoken of Helga was invited by her roommates and friends to attend something we'll refer to as “True Aggie Night”. Helga had always dreamed of someday becoming a “True Aggie”, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. So that night when the clock struck Quarter to twelve, up to campus they went. Oh how na├»ve Helga was. She didn't realize that she was going to have to kiss someone to gain the title of said “True Aggie”. When she got up there she was no longer sure if she wanted the title, was it really worth it? Sadly, to Helga that day it was.

To make this oh so long story so much lesser long, I'll try to summarize. Helga met a boy that night, his name was Jose. Jose seemed to show interest in Helga. After a brief introduction Jose offered to make Helga a “True Aggie”. I'm oh so sorry to say that Helga forgot the advice of her 5th grade D.A.R.E. officer. she didn't know what to say and replied, "SURE." Helga may have gained one title that night, but Jose robber her of another. She could no longer be the president of the "NO KISS CLUB".

Though there are many more details to this story they are not relevant to the moral. Helga wasn't quite ready for that first kiss, and would have been much better off to have "just said no" So girls, bless you hearts, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation to that of Helga's, I plead with you, JUST SAY NO.

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  1. You are a great writer! I am anxiously awaiting chapter 3. I love it.