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The Result of Boredom part 10

Well, I don't really have much of an introduction to this chapter. That said, here you go. I hope you enjoy!

Part 3: The Boy Who Spoke Another Language

Upon our last meeting I left you with the fatefull news that Ralphy had cancelled his second date with Helga. But also as was hinted, this second date would and did in fact take place, just a little later than planned. And through hopefully not too much of a round about way, I will try to explain how this second date would be rescheduled.

It is not that often that we have been able to take a look into Helga's deepest thoughts and feelings, yes despite Helga's lack of any love life she still has feelings. But she still wasn't quite sure how to take the news of the cancelled date, she wasn't offended, perhaps a little sad, but she was ultimatley okay to just leave it at that and move on to the next boy that would hopefully grace her presence someday. Despite her contentment of the situation, the school-related associate that was mentioned in the previous chapter, was the very opposite of content. Upon learning of the cancellation of the date, she immediately insisted that Helga speak with Ralphy's mother and ask something along the lines of "what is wrong with your son that speaks a different language?" Helga kind of thought that this was a strange idea, and in her mind had decided against it. But again, that school-related associate would have it no other way.

This particular school day Helga, the school-related associate, and Ralphy's mother were accompanying many young students on an out of school adventure. They were riding in a large Twinky-shaped vehicle with seats that only 2 people could sit on. Helga ended up being seated next to the school related associate, where they were having a a meaningless conversation. Because of the meaningless conversation, Helga was paying little attention, because she was paying little attention she was not at all expecting the meaningful conversation that was about to take place between the school-related associate and Ralphy's mother. It went something like this:

School-related associate: "Hey Justine, what is wrong with your son that speaks another language? He dumped Helga after only one date with little explanation."

Justine's reply "He was worried that Helga did not like him and thought of him in a less intellectual manner because he speaks another language. But otherwise he had a very enjoyable time, so the part about him choosing a younger female, from a southern state, that speaks his same language, was basically just an excuse."

Well seeing as how this was a matter that concerned Helga far more directly than the school-related associate, she decided that she must interject and set things straight. Therefore, she explained to Justine, that she didn't think of Ralphy in a less intellectual manner because he spoke another language. She further explained that she found this to be fascinating. And although she did not vocally state this, she found it slightly confusing, but a little relieving to know that the part about him claiming to have chosen a younger female, from a southern state, that spoke his same language, was in actuality just an excuse.

Well I'm sorry for that confusing explanation, but I felt that it was important for you as a reader to know the way in which things were cleared up so that Helga and Ralphy could go on their second date (and might I add that this would be Helga's very first, second date ever).

So now that you know the lengthy background, I will give you the shorter portion of how this second date came to be.

One Saturday, soon after the conversation during the out of school adventure, Helga recieved a written message from Ralphy via her mobular telephone device. He was inviting her to join him the following Sunday at his religious building where everyone spoke his same language. Helga accepted.

The very next day she made sure that she looked her "Sunday Best", a term meaning that she wore a modest length of skirt, snazzy looking sweater, and an appropiately matching pair of shoes. Then she headed off to the religious building, where she would meet Ralphy.

She found Ralphy, and did her best to communicate to him in her language that she didn't know where to go. He showed her around to the various classes that she would attend that day, but because of the nature of the classes, and the fact that she didn't really understand what was being said, she mostly just sat with a blank stare on her face, much like the look you would see on the face of a Bambi-like deer before it is about to be massacred by the force of a moving vehicle coming its way. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, well that's a bit too much of an exaggeration, but after what seemed to be a very, very, very long time, the religious meeting came to an end. And Helga and Ralphy were about to have a short, but meaningful (written) conversation. And it went something like this:

Ralphy: "I'm very sorry for so rudely cancelling our future date plan."

Helga: "That's okay"

Ralphy: "I was wrong to think that you would think of me in a less intellectual way because of the language barrier that separates us. If it is okay by you, I would like to reinstate the previously planned second date. Do you accept?"

Helga: "Yes."

Ralphy: "Okay, I will communicate with you in this same written manner at a later date to give you more specific details about this date."

Helga: "That would be rather nice."

Ralphy: "Ok, good-bye"

Helga: "Bye"

And that was that. They would have that second date. But it saddens me to remind you that though they would go on the second date and even see each other on a few other occasions, it would not ultimately work out for them. And so now I will leave you hanging once again. To wonder. And possibly be annoyed. Yet again, you will have to wait to hear the ultimate end of Helga and Ralphy.

Ha, so there you have it. Honestly I don't know where this is all going. I kind of feel like I ramble on, but maybe that is te purpose of this. So any opinions, positive or negative will be appreciated. But I do ask, if comments be negative...please keep your language PG rated :)

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