Monday, May 3, 2010

The Result of Boredom part 9....I think

I know, I know, I'm a complete slacker. I'll blame my lack of continuing "Helga's Journey" on the fact that I have been dilligently teaching musical concepts to children of the ages 5-12. It may only be a 3 hour a day job, but it amazes me how much of my time it takes. But enough of that, I bet you have all just been dying to know what happened to Helga and Ralphy, well the time has now arrived to read of the next portion of this multi-portioned chapter in Helga's Journey, with out further ado I give you Part 2 in ........"The Boy Who Spoke Another Language" (I loved all suggestions for the chapter title, but I just couldn't for now, this is it.)
Part Two of: The Boy Who Spoke Another Language

When we last left Helga and Ralphy, they both had discovered that they spoke another language, but if you remember, it was also reported that they would discover a magical form of written communication that worked rather well for the both of them. Granted, it would be most preferred that they both spoke the other's language, but you know, they did what they had to do.

I would most like to describe the first date that Helga went on with Ralphy, unlike past tales in Helga's life, the details of this particular date actually are important. I must admit, that Helga was actually pretty nervous about this date, due to the fact that she had not yet discovered the written form of communication. She spoke to many an individual, be it her family, flatmates, or far away friends, to ask their advice on communicating with an individual that spoke another language. Although all of these individuals had much more experience in the realms of dating than Helga because they had already found love, or were at least closer to having found love than her, they were not much help in this situation. So adviceless, Helga left for the date, unsure of what the outcome would be.

She was to meet Ralphy at a rather popular frozen-dairy like store, to enjoy one another's company, and of course, enjoy a frozen dairy treat. Within a very few minutes Ralphy introduced her to the magical form of written communication. He first pulled out a writing utensil and then an object that is often used to wipe ones face when they dribble a bit of a frozen-dairy dessert, however, in this case it was used as means to write on with said writing utensil. They began conversing about the basics, you know "How is your day?" "Why did my Mother want to set you up with me?" "Would you like to go with me to my religious building this Sunday where we speak my language?" "Would you like me like me to give you lessons in my language so that it might be easier for us to communicate? " and even "Would you like to go on another date with me?"

Well my oh my, was Helga ever surprised, might I add baffled, because Ralphy was the first boy that had ever asked her on a second date. She managed to answer all his previous questions with ease and honesty. Her day had been fine, as she had been working with young individuals in a school-related setting, a favorite pastime of hers. His mother wanted to set the two of them up because she thought that they might enjoy one another's company, which actually turned out to be true. Yes, Helga wanted to go with Ralphy to his religious building that following Sunday, where they would be speaking his language, because she thought it would be an interesting experience. And yes, she would like to take some lessons in his language so that it would be easier for the two of them to communicate. After having answered all these questions, and likely others, which I do not recall, Helga answered his last question in the affirmative, Yes! She would most definately like to go on another date with Ralphy!

So it was decided, that all of these things would take place. Helga had no need to be nervous, as the date was considerably better than she had imagined it. In fact, she immediately went home afterwards and began contacting all of the individuals whom she had previously called on for advice, such as her old school pal Lenora, her flat mate Katania, and even her sister Merna, to tell them of the fantabulous time they had.

Poor Helga, she spent much of the evening after that date telling so many of what a wonderful time she had, when little did she know, she would have to contact all of them again, the very next day to reverse her statement about the second date.

She was just leaving a meeting with a school-related associate, who had coincidentally just asked about the previous nights' date. Helga was in the process of responding to the questions when she happened to notice an electronic message from Ralphy on her mobile communication device (yes it was still their magical form of communication, but with an electronic twist that provided a bit more convenience and less strain on the hands than the writing utensil and frozen-dairy-dribble-wiper method) The message read something like this "I'm sorry Helga, I have to cancel our second date. I hope you understand, but I have chosen a younger female, that lives in a southern state, and happens to speak my same language. We will still be friends, Ralphy."

Well Helga didn't quite know what to say to that. She had a nice time the evening before, and as far as she could tell, Ralphy had an enjoyable time as well. All she could think to do was to respond by saying something to the effect of "Thank you for a lovely evening last night, and for the frozen dairy treat. Yes, I will still be your friend, Helga." And that was that, her very first, second date would no longer be taking place....yet.

And here you will be left hanging again. I will not yet tell you how it all came to be, but this succinct electronic message from Ralphy would not be the last of him in Helga's life. There would be that second date, and even some other outings........but I would not be keeping to my promise of keeping each of these sub-chapters short if I continued, so until next time, you will be left to wonder when will we again hear of "The boy who spoke another language" in this the tale of "Helga's Journey"?

Ha, as always I appreciate any and all comments, questions, suggestions, and the like. I know it's kind of lame, but thanks to those that actually read this. It's all for fun, but it's also kind of fun to know that there are actually people that have fun reading it.

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  1. ha i love this!! i'm at work right now reading this... and i am laughing my face off. i think everyone thinks i'm crazy... you are and amazing writer!